Lay-in Ceilings

GAGE D3 Lay-in Ceilings are available in five (5) different system profiles. D3 (24 inch x 24 inch nominal) die-formed aluminum ceiling tiles are very simple to install and accommodate a conventional (15/16 inch) T-bar suspension grid (consult factory for use with a 9/16 inch grid).

D3 tiles are available in flat and tegular profiles. GAGE tegular profiles visually disguise lay-in grids. Standard finish suspension components by others. Custom color matched suspension by GAGE.

Standard & Custom Designs
Designs may be selected from most of GAGE’s standard collections. We welcome all requests for custom designs.

Design modification options satisfy an extended range of applications and specifier requirements. Most designs can be color adapted to specifier requests. A wide variety of gloss levels from matte to high gloss may be selected. A combination of contrasting gloss levels can also be specified.

Where acoustical performance is required most designs can be provided with micro-perforations and a laminated acoustical membrane (.75 NRC flat profile or .52 NRC coffer profile). Please consult factory for compatibility of perforations with the design(s) to be specified.

Uses conventional 15/16 in. T-bar suspension (see D3 Installation section for details). Tiles are simply inserted through the grid assembly and lowered onto the flanges of the supporting T-bar suspension grid.

D3 tiles may be easily and repeatedly removed without damage, distortion, or disruption of alignment by carefully lifting them out of the suspension grid.

Fire Rating
Gage Ceiling Tiles have achieved a Class-1 Fire Rating as tested in strict accordance with ASTM E-84.

Approximately 2 lbs. per panel (suspension items not included).

Custom painted/clear-coated suspension and perimeter trim is available from GAGE to complement all specified designs. Factory cut openings for down-lights, speakers, and sprinkler heads are also available upon request. Please consult factory for details. Lighting fixtures and air-handling elements are provided by the various installing trades. Custom air handling panels to match specified designs can be provided by GAGE.

D3 ceiling tiles are manufactured in the United States by The Gage Corporation International.