GageCarve Standard Finishes

Standard Finish Specifications

Standard FinishesCodeTypeGlossColor VarianceHardness
ASTM D-3363
AAMAInterior Only
Aged BronzeABPCMatte+/-2 Delta E4H2603Yes
Arctic WhiteAWPCMatte+/-2 Delta EH2604
Aztec GoldAGPCGloss+/-2 Delta E2H2604
BrassBRANPolished+/- 5 Delta E4-6H611
BronzeBZANPolished+/- 5 Delta E4-6H611
Bronze GoldBGANPolished+/- 5 Delta E4-6H611
Burnished BronzeBBPCMatte+/-2 Delta EH2603Yes
ChampagneCHANPolished+/- 5 Delta E4-6H611
Champagne GoldCGPCSatin+/-2 Delta E2H2603Yes
Clear SailingCSPCGloss+/-2 Delta E2-4H2604
Copper BronzeCBANPolished+/-5 Delta E4-6H611
Ivory TextureITPCSemi-Gloss+/-2 Delta E0-2H2603Yes
Matte BlackBKANMatte+/-5 Delta E4-6H611
Metallic BlackMBPCMatte+/-2 Delta EH2604
NickelNKANPolished+/- 5 Delta E4-6H611
Nickel MetallicNMPCSatin+/-2 Delta E2-4H2604
PewterPWPCMatte+/-2 Delta EH2603Yes
SandstoneSSPCSatin+/-2 Delta E2-4H2604
Statue BronzeSBPCSatin+/-2 Delta E3H2603Yes
TitaniumTTPCSemi-Gloss+/-2 Delta E2H2603Yes

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the GageCarve Standard Finishes and Specifications