Concealed Snap-in Ceilings

Gage Ceiling System D1/M1

The Gage snap-in metal ceiling is a uniquely engineered system consisting of both 24 in. x 24 in. (D1) and 600 mm x 600 mm (M1) die-formed aluminum modules for either U.S. or Metric measure application. Gage distinctive chamfer-edge snap-in tiles, available in either flat or coffer profile, combine innovative design and leading edge manufacturing technology to provide a creative array of versatile and functional design possibilities. The modular configuration enhances and supports the most discerning aesthetic disciplines. The concealed suspension components are by GAGE or equal.

Standard & Custom Designs
Designs may be selected from most of GAGE’s Standard collections. We welcome all requests for custom designs.

Design modification options satisfy an extended range of applications and specifier requirements. Most designs can be color adapted to specifier requests. A variety of gloss levels from matte to high gloss may be selected. A combination of contrasting gloss levels can also be specified.

Where acoustical performance is required most designs can be provided with micro-perforations and a laminated acoustical membrane (.75 NRC flat profile or .52 NRC coffer profile). Please consult factory for compatibility of perforations with the design(s) to be specified.

D1 and M1 ceilings and suspension components are designed for simple installation. A special snap-fit attachment detail allows the suspension hardware to be concealed above the ceiling modules. Each tile has embossed dimples along four of its return edges. Dimples engage in carriers which are installed in one direction on 24 inch centers (D1) and on 600 mm centers (M1). Tiles are installed by pushing upward on tile corners until the embossed dimples snap into the carrier. Corner tiles should be installed before adjacent perimeter tiles. The capability to install tiles from below permits a minimum clearance requirement between the building deck and ceiling plane.

Ceiling tiles can be removed from the concealed suspension system with a special dismantling tool.

Fire Rating
Gage Ceiling Tiles have achieved a Class-1 Fire Rating as tested in strict accordance with ASTM E-84.

Approximately 2 lbs. per panel (suspension items not included).

Exposed perimeter trim is available from Gage, in custom painted/clear-coated colors, to complement all specified designs. Factory cut openings for down-lights, speakers, and sprinkler heads are also available upon request. Please consult factory for details. Lighting fixtures and air handling elements are provided by the various installing trades. Custom air handling panels to match specified designs can be provided by GAGE. See Air Handling Panels page.

System D1 and M1 ceiling tiles are manufactured in the United States by The Gage Corporation International.