GageWoven Plated Finishes

Antique Brass (BA) and Antique Copper (CA) finishes are created by a plating process where Brass or Copper is applied in a thin layer via electrodeposition. A dark oxide layer is then introduced over the Brass or Copper. This is followed by a hand-applied abrasion process that buffs the high points of the mesh to bring out the Brass or Copper layer underneath, thus creating visual depth that is unique from one panel to the next and even from one design to the next. A thin clear coat is then applied to both sides of the panel to keep the finish from oxidizing further.

Color Variation

As with any hand process, the brightness of the Brass or Copper under layer coupled with the darkness of the antiquing process may provide color variation from job to job. This variation should be taken into consideration when color coordinating samples supplied by Gage with other job site items.

Designs Available in Antique Finishes

Antique finishes are produced over Plain Steel wires. Eight (8) of our Standard Designs plus all six (6) of our Infill Designs can be fabricated in Plain Steel and have the Antique finish applied. Pattern options for the Antique finish area noted in our GageWoven Design Specification Matrix with an “A”.

Size Limitations

Even though there is a maximum length in the plating chamber of 96″ and a maximum height of 42″, the largest panel allowed in the chamber may be limited to approximately 14 square feet due to weight constraints. Some exceptions may apply with an upcharge, so please check with the factory.

Interior Use Only

As the base alloy is bare steel, this process is not suitable for exterior use as the plated finish will not cover and protect where the wires intersect throughout the design in the panel.

Framing Options

Due to the plating process, U-Channel, USS, and CPS standard framing options are unavailable in the Antiqued finishes.