Shanghai Tower GageCarve Installation

Shanghai Tower Features GageCarve

In the financial district of Shanghai, a new “vertical city” spirals up 2,073 feet into the sky. It is the Gensler-designed Shanghai Tower, which houses a hotel, offices, a lookout deck, and nine vertical “neighborhoods” of shops, restaurants, and sky gardens. The 121-story building is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world.

Gensler - Shanghai Tower
Gensler – Shanghai Tower

Constructed to symbolize China’s economic success, the building is architecturally stunning. Its trademark 120-degree twist – designed to minimize the effects of typhoon-strength wind—and its transparent “double skin” of glass on the exterior garnered attention from Architectural Digest, who named it one of the “7 New Buildings That Are Redefining Architecture.”

The elevators are pretty spectacular, too.

Going Up

The observation deck is now open to the public, and to reach it, visitors ride one of the world’s fastest elevators. Traveling at 40 miles per hour, the car takes less than a minute to ascend from the basement level to the 119th floor. Vibration resistance technology ensures the ride is smooth; the pressurized car keeps the riders’ ears from popping.

This feat of engineering was delivered by Mitsubishi Electric, who supplied all 106 of the building’s elevators, including three high-speed models.

Riding in Style

Befitting of an aerodynamic, state-of-the-art elevator, the interior of the cab needed to be sleek, modern, and luxurious. Enter GageCarve.

When Green Techgnosis, Gage’s exclusive agent and distributor for China, learned of Gensler’s specification for the elevator interiors, they knew our GageCarve product line fit the bill. Gensler agreed, ultimately selecting GageCarve design C1005A Rough Cut in Nickel finish for all 106 elevator interiors. The unique carved pattern on a natural aluminum finish was a new look for the Chinese market.

With the contract in place, the only hurdles left were time and logistics. According to Natalie Law, who served as a liaison for the project, Gensler needed the materials delivered within 12 weeks to avoid any disruptions to the installation schedule. Gage produced all the material in 10 weeks and shipped it via airfreight in three separate shipments, successfully meeting the project deadline.

We are honored to have been a part of this innovative project.