GageMetal Colored PVD Designs

Gage PVD colored stainless steel

Selected GageMetal designs are available with a PVD color finish. PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is the process of combining metal vapor with gases and applying it to steel using a vacuum chamber. This process creates a micro-thin, transparent, colored film on the stainless steel sheet which increases the durability without adding to the weight of the panel. All of our PVD sheets come standard with Fingerprint Resistant Coating (FRC). Our FRC aids in ease of removal of fingerprints and other unwanted adornments by diminishing the ability of marks to adhere to the surface. Liquids can be removed with less effort due to the hydrophobic quality of the FRC.

GM403 Non-Directional

GM423 Pallinato

GM438 Long Grain Satin

Standard Designs and PVD Colors

PVD coated panels can be formed to a 90º angle without damage to the PVD finish. The image to the right shows an unretouched detail image of GM438 Long Grain Satin in Copper finish formed to a 90º angle with the grain of the metal.

Click here to download an informational PDF (2MB) on GageMetal PVD.