Profile Systems D1 & M1

Item:  GAGE concealed snap-in ceiling panel.
Profiles: D1.1 or M1.1 (flat)
D1.2 or M1.2 (coffered)
Design: As specified.
Perforations: Optional*
Finish: Gloss levels from matte (30%) to gloss (100%) ±5%.
Sizes: (D1) 24 in. x 24 in.
(M1) 600 mm x 600 mm.
Metal: (D1) .030 in. aluminum.
(M1) .762 mm aluminum.
(50% recycled).
Carrier: Concealed snap-in grid by GAGE or equal.
* Where acoustical performance is required, most designs can be provided with micro-perforations (0.75 NRC flat profile or 0.52 NRC coffered profile) and a laminated acoustical membrane.
Call for details.