Air-Handling Panels

Most GAGE designs can be converted to air handling panels in order to retain the aesthetic integrity of the ceiling. Please note, however, that with every reduction of the tile surface area there is a concurrent reduction in tile pattern image clarity.

Shown is a design that has been converted into air handling tiles. It seems obvious that the less complex a given design, the more likely it will retain its design clarity. Since optimal functioning of the ventillation system remains the primary consideration, panel conversions always must be regarded as a compromise. Some designs will retain color and pattern integrity better than others. Always consult with the project HVAC engineer prior to specifying.

Contractor field tips include painting vent areas immediately behind the panel to subdue the vent color in favor of the dominant color of the design.

Standard air handling specification:
0.20 inch squares, 0.25 inches on center, 60% open area, 17.5 inches x 17.5 inches pattern area.

Perforated for air handling use

Air Handling Panel


Air Handling Panel Photo