System “A” – Adhesive Installation

  1. Provide a smooth, straight, solid and clean substrate. Correct any defects prior to commencement of installation.
  2. Refer to the working drawings (approved shop drawings if required) for correct panel/sheet location and layout. Verify treatment for all termination edges, inside and outside corners (if any), and required cutouts (if any).
  3. Make all required cutouts prior to application of adhesive.
  4. Using a roller type as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer, apply a uniform coating of adhesive to the back surface substrate at the adhesive manufacturer’s recommended rate.
  5. Allow the adhesive to “flash” in accordance with the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Press the panel/sheet firmly into place. Using a clean and non-marring roller, roll the entire surface to ensure solid contact of the panel/sheet back surface with the substrate. Remove all traces of excess adhesive immediately.
  7. Provide a non-damaging means of holding the panel/sheet in place until permanent bond occurs. Leave in place for a minimum of 24 hours.
  8. Place protective streamers across the surface and leave in place until the entire project has been completed.