Custom GageMetal

This term designates all CUSTOM design patterns, textures, and colors which are produced with one or multiple methods on the specified base metal.

Typically a product designer, an architect or interior designer will produce the original idea. The specification will then be executed by a competent manufacturer such as The Gage Corporation, Int. Gage encourages custom design and collaboration subject to reasonable quantities and design evaluation.

Gage can provide a wide range of custom colors, patterns, textures and designs which can be incorporated into standard sheets, elevator doors or column covers.

Besides thickness, type and quantity of metal and sheets, the complexity of the planned design pattern will be the most important pricing factor. We will therefore submit budget pricing to the specifier when discussing the project and submitting samples after the initial budget has been approved. In addition to cost per item, we will add a cost for art and set up charges. Budget pricing for a custom design can usually be provided within 48-72 hours.