Installation Guidelines
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Installation Guidelines
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Specification Guidelines - Short Form

Vertical Surfacing Specification Guidelines - Long Form


Fire Rating






Gagecast Aluminum Finish
Gagecast Dark Stainless Steel Finish
Gagecast Bronze Finish
Gagecast Copper Finish
Dark Stainless Steel
Gagecast Nickel Silver Finish
Gagecast Stainless Steel Finish
Gagecast Warm Brass Finish
Gagecast Zinc Finish
Nickel Silver
Stainless Steel

Warm Brass


Custom finishes such as Rose Gold, Dark Stainless Steel, Light Bronze and hybrid metals are available on a custom basis.

Note: Color and brightness of metal finish may vary by design due to the individual response of each pattern to the multistep finishing/polishing procedure. Certain metals, particularly standard brass and aluminum, are subject to color variations between production lots; therefore, preproduction submittal samples are suggested.

Solid Color

Most opaque colors are achievable with reasonable accuracy subject to the parameters of the Gagecast® process. Gage will match to your supplied sample chip or Pantone® number.

Combination Finishes

All standard designs, except those marked by an asterisk (*), are available in a two finish combination. Specify two metals or metal pattern with solid color field (to match specifier’s sample). Gage will provide a pre-production strike off for specifier’s approval prior to production on all non-standard or combination finishes.

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