GageCarve Technical Information

GageCarve is appropriate for interior and exterior wall surfacing, elevator doors, elevator interiors, column covers and other architectural applications.

GageCarve Specification Guidelines – Short Form 

GageCarve is available as sheet goods for direct adhesive application to the properly prepared substrate with balancing backer. GageCarve can also be specified in the Gage Extrusion System (System E) which architects and designers have successfully used for years with GageCast and GageMetal.
Click here to view diagrams of System E in the GageCast technical section.

Powder Coating: For custom colors and durability, powder coating is an option. Please provide color chips for the closest match.

C Channel – Binder Angle: Some applications, such as elevator doors may require a binder channel to capture the edge. Gage can recess cut the door to accept the angle. Most commonly used in .050” aluminum, cut, bent, and anodized to specifications.

Class A Fire Rating

Recycled Content

GageCarve Weight per design PDF

Applying GageCarve to a Surface PDF